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Sirion Design - About


Sirion Design Ltd is a design company based in Cambridge, Waikato.

We provide print and web design services to clients in New Zealand, Australia, USA and UK across a wide range of industries, specialising in small to medium businesses.

My name is Phil Dean, and I started Sirion Design in 2020.

Before this, I worked in a number of successful small to medium sized businesses across several countries, and in a variety of different roles. I’ve also worked in a huge range of industries including engineering, manufacturing, retail, finance, IT, business analysis, hospitality, transport, music and film.

This wide experience has given me a great understanding of almost every aspect of running a business, and this helps me to quickly understand my clients needs and how to help them.

More than half of my design work has been in the engineering field. My understanding of hydraulics, hose & fittings, bearings, power transmission, gear cutting and more has been a great help in creating product-driven websites and catalogues for companies in these industries.

I try and keep my design work simple, bold and clear. When your customer visits your website, picks up your catalogue or opens your email newsletter, they want to find information quickly and easily, and creating that experience is my driving force when designing.

I also ensure I communicate with my clients every step of the way – in my experience this is the single most important factor in getting a great result!